November 20, 2020

a fanciful twist

I have a treat for you today! Well actually I have a treat for MYSELF lol, but once you make the acquaintance of Vanessa's wares at A Fanciful Twist, you will also find yourself in the land of treats. I happened across her amazing Instagram account fairly recently, and it was like falling into a wondrous realm of enchanted beauty and fairytale-like charm. She was hosting an incredible giveaway this past October, which consisted of a special edition signed copy of Alice Hoffman's 'Practical Magic', as well as a vintage copy of Victoria magazine from the 1990's that contains a feature on the real life house showcased in the 'Practical Magic' film. But that wasn't all! The giveaway also contained home grown dried botanicals from Vanessa's magical garden (you seriously must see her Instagram), AND a lovely glass teapot, plus a packet of blooming flower green tea!

I WON THE GIVEAWAY. I literally screamed. I seriously could not believe it.

Here's a hot tip my friends. If you are on Instagram, there are giveaways happening every two seconds. I highly encourage you to enter!! My dear friend Danzel enters giveaways allllll the time and she's always winning cool and awesome stuff! 

When the box arrived, I wish I had it on video. Julia and I were FREAKING OUT. Mostly me, I was freaking out. Look at how the book was packaged! And you see that gorgeous postcard?? You can find them here, in Vanessa's Etsy shop. I just placed an order for these holidays cards, and another surprise for Julia. I can't say what exactly because she reads my Instagram and might hop over to this blog post ha ha ha. Anyhoo, there are lots of lovely things, and I'll take a picture of what I got and put it up on IG at some point.

Fun fact - the box was overflowing with colorful rainbow tissue paper and now my cat thinks it is the greatest joy in her life. She sits in it constantly.

Behold the amazing teapot! It's specially tempered heat stable glass. I've used it several times already and it's really adorable. The blooming tea has been used up, and I'll have to get more. 

Here's a fun story about Victoria. I've had two great magazine loves in my life, Victoria and Domino. I actually cried when both magazines went under. Victoria came back several years ago and it's been a great joy in my life to have it back. Domino is also a quarterly magazine but it is NOT the same - different editor, different vibe, different everything, and totally lacking in the charm and delight of the original. Insert shaking head emoji. You broke my heart Domino. 

(oh I forgot about Cookie magazine! I greatly loved that one too. I loved it during Julia's tiny tot years. That one went away as well, never to return. I adored the out of reach overpriced New York lifestyle vibe of it ha ha. The recipes were amazing though!)

Here you can see the book unwrapped. And the botanical bouquet Vanessa included. There's something that looks like a black potato by the teapot - it is actually more lovely dried botanicals, but my camera phone was struggling in the low dreary light. The book is absolutely gorgeous and fun fact, I've never read it! I'm so excited! Very ashamed to say that I haven't read any Alice Hoffman yet! I know, it's just wrong.

Can we take a moment to admire the tray upon which the book and teapot is resting. My sweet friends, this lovely has been cooling its heels in my GARAGE for several years. For all of my vintage love proclamations, my home decor leanings are actually more modernist, and this hand me down tray/stand from my mom was something I had deemed "too baroque" and I didn't think it was in keeping with the rest of our house. What?! Use the crazy things! Mix styles! What was I thinking hiding this away? It's going to be great for prop styling with books for photos!

Time spent 24/7 in one's home for the better part of a year has a way of making you see things with fresh eyes. That tray came OUT of the garage, got a thorough wipe down, and is now sitting in the family room in front of the fire place. I ate my lunch on it the other day while watching 'Emily in Paris' and felt Very Happy Indeed. After the holiday season it will move upstairs next to a reading chair.

I'll be putting a little video I made of the interior of the book later on my Instagram stories, or maybe I'll do it as a reel on my main feed. The end papers are gorgeous, and Julia and I are currently engaged in a battle over who gets to read it first. Oh wait I do, because she just began 'The Night Circus'. (new readers might not know about My Obsession with that book. It's my favorite of all time.)

My friends! Please visit the A Fanciful Twist shop, and consider supporting small business owners during your holiday shopping! I wasn't asked by Vanessa to promote the giveaway - I was legitimately so blown away by her Instagram, and then her shop, and I could not in good conscience fail you guys by not letting you know about all of her incredible awesome. She also has a gorgeous blog

Go find some giveaways to enter!! 


  1. Well, that's so exciting! Especially for you since you will be one who thoroughly enjoy it and were due for something special happening in your life! Enjoy dear one.

  2. How magical and wonderful! Good for you. Please tell us what you think of Practical Magic ~ it's been so long since I read it but I remember enjoying it.

  3. Oh, lovely! I think you'll love Alice Hoffman--I've read several of her books, including Practical Magic. And Instagram giveaways are the greatest! I've won two, which is kind of amazing because I rarely win anything. Going to check out Vanessa's Instagram, shop, and blog. Thank you for sharing the joy--we need it now more than ever.

  4. Congratulations! Vanessa is the very best - she creates magic.

  5. I love, love, love alice hoffman! And victoria magazine. :)