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Hello! I'm Melissa. Welcome to the online celebration of the bestest of the best children's books that I call Julia's Bookbag! (named after my kiddo)

After obsessively saving and collecting a lifetime's worth of children's books, studying Children's Literature in college, teaching preschool, going to law school (I liked school) and finally having my own tiny book partner to read more stories to than I thought possible, I decided to jump in and really talk about my passion because I LOVE children's books. I wanted to write about what my daughter and I are reading, and my unending quest for cute, cool kids' stuff!

Books can change and influence a life. They can transform childhood. They certainly shaped my own childhood. Growing up in Hawaii was lovely, but in my heart, I was a girl who wanted to be wandering around on wind-swept moors on a foggy grey day. Through books, I was able to do that. Ironically, I live now in a place that doesn't deliver the kind of weather that Hawaii does, and I pine for the days of eternal blue skies and 75 degree weather that Hawaii usually offers on a regular basis. Oh well...

While I think we can all agree that Too Much Stuff is not an awesome lifestyle choice, there are many lovely and quality crafted toys, games and decorative items available now that can make childhood an even more colorful place than it already is. Children, toys, and treats just seem to go together, don't they? I love finding that Really Special Book, Game or Toy that is especially memorable and I love doing that so much that I launched this blog largely so I could share the things I find with you!

I also really super like talking about tea & treats, Hello Kitty, and children's room decor. So you're going to be seeing a lot of that stuff discussed and shown here as well.

If through my blog, I'm able to share a book that makes you or a child really happy, or if I suggest something that makes a wonderful gift, or if you just want to say hi, please drop a note or a comment and let me know!

much aloha,

You can contact me at juliasbookbag@gmail.com

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