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What's in a surprise book & treat box?  Bookish care packages consist of a delightful book of my choosing that fits the particular theme I have created for any given month. Along with the book, there will be a treat item, tea or cocoa of some sort, and additional misc. small gifts that complement the book theme. NOTE: food products ALMOST ALWAYS CONTAIN WHEAT, NUTS, AND DAIRY. I do not take special dietary requests.

Ordering: I will only take box orders via my email. Not here on the blog, not via Instagram or direct messaging on Instagram, and not on Facebook.

To order a bookish surprise package, please email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com and provide me with the correct email address to which I can send a PayPal invoice. Books are not purchased, boxes are not created, and orders are not considered confirmed and reserved, until invoices are paid in full within two business days after invoicing.

PLEASE NOTE: Addresses on the PayPal invoices are the addresses to which boxes will be shipped, unless the box is a gift going to a different address. I cannot keep up with who is moving to a new address at what time. That's between you and the post office fairies!

If there's a wait list for a box theme (I will only be creating themed boxes in small batches - it's just me doing this and I'm not a factory, nor do I have other employees), and an invoice remains outstanding after 48 hours, that invoice will be cancelled, and I will contact the next person on the wait list and offer the box to them.

*As a general rule, invoices left outstanding after two business days will be cancelled.

Once an order is placed, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your box - many times I order books from England. Sometimes I need to place an order and wait for the book to arrive. Then I create the box, and ship it! What the post office fairies do after that is beyond my control.
Discounts & Subscriptions: 2020 three and six month subscription book box orders will be priced at a slightly discounted rate, and must be pre-paid in full upon invoicing, along with shipping. 

A 3 box subscription is $49 per box, plus shipping for each box. ($147 plus $15 shipping for each box) A British Box and/or Cozy Box can be substituted for two of the seasonal boxes. Boxes will ship out roughly every other month.

A 6 box subscription is $48 per box, plus shipping for each box. ($288 plus $15 shipping for each box) Included in this package: four seasonal boxes, a British Box, and a Holiday box. Holiday Boxes are ONLY included with the 6 month subscription package. Boxes will mail on an every other month basis.

How much are single boxes?  Standalone themed book boxes, and British Boxes purchased individually are $50 plus $15 shipping.

Certain specialty boxes, like the 'Anne of Green Gables' Box, and the 'Little Women' Box (available all year round except November/December), are $55. Many treat, tea, and gift items are purchased in sets - if you request a custom box outside of a box theme that I have running, which requires me to purchase items separately, that raises the price of the box, but I'm happy to take on custom projects! Let me know what you're wishing for, and I'll give you a price quote. (I can usually ALWAYS put together a British box or a Cozy Box!)

Note about Anne of Green Gables / Little Women : When ordering an Anne or Little Women box, you must tell me which book in the series you would like!

Shipping?  Because of the high cost of shipping a box, at this time I can only mail book boxes to U.S. customers. I ship via USPS Priority mail, $15 per box.

Box Themes: While British boxes and Anne of Green Gables boxes can be purchased (mostly) year round, I also do seasonal themes, and specialty themes for children.

Can I order a custom box?  Yes, I'm happy to chat about that with you! My main areas of book expertise are in the more 'cozy' book arenas. If there is something special you are looking for, I'd be delighted to see if I can put something together for you. I'll be honest, most of my boxes are geared for women and girls -- I have my strengths when it comes to finding beautiful and unique books and gifts, and I'm not trying to be all things to all people. Those who enjoy tea and chocolate, British, Japanese, and Scandinavian themes, vintage books, fairy tales, stories of charm & whimsy, comfort reads, and pretty treats and gifts will probably best enjoy my boxes! (maybe someday I'll have my sci-fi obsessed husband put together a vintage sci-fi box, ha.)

I don't see a lot of stuff for boys around here. See above.

Can I return my box?  Due to the custom nature of gift wrapping and box packaging materials, book boxes are not refundable or returnable. If you'd like a book title reveal beforehand, message me! (but keep it a secret) :) I do my best to include books that are unusual, unique, and off the beaten path, but if you already own the book which is included in your box, make someone else's day magical and pass it along as a present!

What if I already have the book?  See above! :) Not to sound too cosmic, but I do believe that if the same book crosses your path again, the universe is trying to tell you something, and it's up to you to figure out what that is.

Why can't I know in advance the title of the book?  These are surprise book boxes! Part of the fun and experience is being surprised (and hopefully delighted) by your book and treats. The exception to this will be my boxes for children - most often, I will often clearly announce what will be in that type of box or give a large clue as to the nature of the book, so you know what your kiddo is receiving. BUT: I am happy to do a title reveal if you email me, so please feel free to ask if you want to make sure you don't already own the book.

After I am finished with a particular theme, I will show off some of the contents on my Instagram page. I also give sneak peeks at some of the gift and treat items there as well. Instagram will be the first place that I will announce my book box themes, so be sure to follow along with me over there, if you would like to be updated first!

Misc:  I am an Amazon Associate, which means I make a small percentage of any sales that are generated through book or product links shared on my blog blog via Amazon. This means that if you click on a link that leads to a book or product on Amazon, and then purchase said item, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. You do not pay a higher retail price than you would normally pay! My reviews are always based on my own honest opinions, regardless of whether or not I have received any compensation.

My site is not responsible for the republishing of this blog's content used on other Web sites or media without my permission.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at

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